Upcycled LV Phone Pop Socket

Regular price $30.95

Phone Grip Mount for car, walls, desk, etc.

• please note - LV is not centered in every pop socket - still super cute!

-made from the canvas of real authentic pre owned bags • They’re handmade with love ❤️

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Make Em jELLiE is not affiliated with any luxury designer brands . The products crafted are made from used/vintage authentic bags with verified serial numbers and date stamps purchased lawfully from previous owners and then deconstructed to create new pieces giving them new life 🙌🏻Make Em jELLiE does not claim any rights in the Gucci trademark, or any other related mark, simply just repurposing!

 This shop, does not sell licensed Louis Vuitton or Gucci  products. The items listed in this shop are not a final product manufactured by Louis Vuitton, or Gucci 


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